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December 06, 2016

ASTEC - Congratulates one of its Regional Directors on achieving the Registered Roof Observer status.

Dec. 6th – BINGHAMTON, NY - Astec Re-Ply Roofing, a world leader in seamless roofing and exterior coating technology, today congratulates Tony Loup, one of our west coast regional directors for becoming a Registered Roof Observer certified by the RCI (Roof Consultants Institute).

An RRO is also known as a roof quality assurance observer. A roof quality observer monitors materials installation throughout the course of a roofing project and regularly submits reports to the design team. A roof observer is the design team’s on-site witness to ensure compliance with design details, warranty terms, standards, and conditions. According to ASTM Standard D7186-05, “Quality assurance observation of roofing projects is an important process for determining if the removal, installation, repair, or maintenance of roofing materials or systems follow the scope and intent of the contract documents and are installed and executed in accordance with accepted roofing practices and the contract documents.”

Astec supports its employees in pursuing advanced knowledge of all aspects of the roofing and waterproofing industry. The Astec Re-Ply Roofing systems have been promoting building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings for over 30 years.

About the Roof Consultant Institute (RCI):

RCI, Inc. is an international nonprofit association of professionals who specialize in roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall specification and design. The RCI’s mission statement is to advance the profession of building envelope (roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall) consultants. Since 1983, RCI’s Professional members have offered unbiased design, repair planning, quality assurance observance, legal testimony, and general roofing and other building envelope management services.  RCI, Inc. boasts an international constituency residing across the United States, Canada, Australia, the West Indies, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit


ICC-ASTEC develops and manufactures fluid-applied membrane systems for the sustainable restoration of roofs, walls, and other industrial surfaces. ASTEC elastomeric products and systems not only provide seamless water-proof and weather-tight barriers; they offer high reflectivity, emissivity, and dissipation of heat, while reducing UV light degradation. ASTEC coatings and membranes add advantages to any substrate that can lead to substantial maintenance and energy cost reductions. 


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