Our Products

Our elastomeric products and systems provide seamless waterproof and weather tight barriers, as well as offering high reflectivity and dissipation of heat, all while reducing UV degradation.  Under our "Quality Policy", we have dedicated ourselves to the production of high quality, environmentally friendly, fluid-applied membranes and systems that solve industrial problems, improve appearance, and save energy, while adding to the sustainability of restored roofs, walls and industrial surfaces. Insulating Coatings Corporation is a registered ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer.

ASTEC 4000 Surface Conditioner

ASTEC 4000 Surface Conditioner is a concentrated aqueous acrylic emulsion sealer formulated to 'lock down' chalky or efflorescence residue remaining after pressure washing. ASTEC Surface Conditioner 4000 provides a secure monolithic surface for bonding subsequent ASTEC layers.

ASTEC Rinseable Cleaner

ASTEC Rinseable Cleaner is the breakthrough product that made renewal of EPDM rubber roofs truly possible. We are now able to completely clear away the chalky surface residue on EPDM roofs caused by ozone deterioration. The seams and surface are clean and primed for bonding, assuring permanent melding and sealing of all subsequent ASTEC Re-Ply layers.

ASTEC Concrete/Masonry Primer

ASTEC Concrete/Masonry Primer is a concentrated, clear co-polymer formulated to penetrate and prime concrete or masonry surfaces. It is designed to lock down or bond loose particles prior to the application of other ICC products. ASTEC Concrete/Masonry Primer does not waterproof or seal concrete or masonry surfaces. It is not a replacement for WPM #9 or other ASTEC Base Coats. ASTEC Concrete / Masonry Primer is a concentrated, water borne co-polymer.It is non-toxic and dries to a clear semi-gloss finish. For proper penetration it requires a 1-to-1 dilution with water

ASTEC B-16-71 Metal Primer

B-16-71 Metal Primer is specially formulated to neutralize and halt further rust corrosion on all rusted surfaces. It prepares and sets the metal for embedding in subsequent ASTEC surface coatings.

ASTEC Base Sealer 4

ASTEC Base Sealer 4 is used to saturate and waterproof all seam sealing fabrics and tapes at joints, vents, and asphalt roof repairs. Once cured, a second layer of  ASTEC Base Sealer 4 is applied over the entire roof area to create the first monolithic bonding surface that is both waterproof and wind tight.  Base Sealer 4 is formulated to bond the original asphalt substrate to the subsequent ASTEC Re-Ply Finish layers.

ASTEC 2000 Base

ASTEC 2000 Base is used to saturate and waterproof all seam sealing fabrics and tapes at joints, vents, and rubber roof repairs. Once cured a second layer of ASTEC 2000 Base is applied over the entire roof area to create the first monolithic bonding surface that is both waterproof and wind tight. 2000 Base is formulated to bond the original EPDM rubber to the ASTEC Re-Ply Finish Layers.


ASTEC WPM 9 is a fluid applied membrane which encases all roof  seams, fasteners, joints, flashings, intrusions, and substrate repairs inside a tough, pliable, seamless surface. The renewed surface is now wind and water tight, and ready to be bonded with ASTEC ceramic finish layers for the ultimate in durable protection from UV sunlight, heat, and airborne corrosives.

ASTEC Fibered WPM 10

ASTEC Fibered WPM 10 is a fluid-applied weathertight membrane with high solids and fiber reinforcement which dries to a tough, yet flexible monolithic surface. It seamlessly seals seams, fasteners, joints, flashings, intrusions, and repairs against water penetration. WPM #10 is a superior base coat for sustainable ASTEC fluid-applied top coats for roofs and walls.

ASTEC Reinforcing Poly Cloth

ASTEC Reinforcing Poly Cloth is a high tensile strength polyester fabric used over joints, seams, and repairs in failing roof substrates. Once embedded in  ASTEC Re-Ply System roofing membranes,ASTEC Reinforcing Poly cloth helps stabilize the restored roof into a single, seamless surface that is virtually impervious to tears, splits or damage from the elements.

ASTEC BBT Butyl-Back Tape

ASTEC BBT Butyl-Back Tape is highly adhesive and bonds especially well with ASTEC Re-Ply finish layers. Once Embedded, ASTEC BBT Tape's high tensile strength contributes to the stability of all restored areas.

ASTEC 2000 Finish

ASTEC 2000 Finish works with ASTEC Re-Ply Base 2000. The first finish layer bonds with the base sealer and melds into the old EPDM roofing material forming a new, seamless, weather tight roofing surface. Once the second layer of Re-Ply 2000 Finish cures, the new roof takes on the sustainable ASTEC advantages that permit the ICC water tight renewable warranty to be updated every ten years.

ASTEC 100 Ceramic Finish

ASTEC 100 Ceramic Finish is a fluid applied material incorporating heat reflecting, refracting, and dissipating ceramic particles in an extremely durable and adhesive coating. The product dries to a linen like finish. Although originally designed as a topcoat to a variety of roofing systems, the product has proven effective for numerous other applications. These applications include, but are not limited to: roofing (metal, built-up, light weight concrete, polyurethane, modified bitumen, aluminum, and others); exterior and interior walls; ceilings (plaster, drywall, and cathedral); steampipes; ductwork for heating and air conditioning; tanks (chemical storage, boilers, and food preparation); refrigeration units and refrigeration trucks.

ASTEC 900 Ceramic Finish

ASTEC 900 Ceramic Finish provides the ASTEC system with it's durability as well as all its UV, heat, and energy saving advantages. It is deliberately applied in multiple layers to assure a well-bonded seamless surface over ASTEC water tight base sealers. ASTEC 900 surfaces can be tinted in a myriad of coordinating colors that are water based, fade resistant, and easily maintained over the life of the 10 Year Limited Warranty.

ASTEC 100 Ceramic Finish

ASTEC 100 Ceramic Finish is a ceramic filled vinyl terpolymer elastomeric surface material formulated with denser ceramics to better withstand exposure to extremes of heat, airborne corrosives, or infrared and ultraviolet radiation. ASTEC 100's superior reflectivity, emissivity, and dissipation are most effective in white or light pastels. There are 30 standard colors. Custom colors can be ordered.

ASTEC 5000/HB Ceramic

ASTEC 5000/HB Ceramic  is a ceramic-filled vinyl terpolymer elastomeric material formulated with a high build consistency to finish as a stucco-like surface with more area for heat emissivity and dissipation. It retains full elasticity to avoid stress cracking. ASTEC 5000/HB is base white and available in 12 colors, or custom tinted by special order. Use lighter pastels to enhance ASTEC's ceramic reflectivity advantages.