Test, Properties and Approvals

Standards Testing by independent laboratories verifies the superior advantages of ASTEC Re-Ply membrane roofing upgrades when applied professionally and systematically to various base roof materials. Additional advantages of a seamless monolithic, ceramic insulating, cool-roof conversion include: maximizing heat reflectivity and emissivity, wind resistance, and fire resistance, while minimizing utility costs, insurance costs, thermal shock shift, fungal and corrosive degradation, and attendant facility maintenance. These advantages allow a written 10-Year Renewable Warranty on all ASTEC Re-Ply Roofing Systems.

Typical Testing of ASTEC® Re-Ply™ #900 Finish Roof Membrane and System

ASTM Test Method
Wind-driven Rain Resistance No moisture penetration after 24 hours Federal Spec. TT-C-555-B
Chemical Resistance 24 hour exposure to 10 chemicals. Little to no effect. ASTM-D-1308
Cold Checking 10 cold check cycles. No cracking or other deleterious effects. ASTM-D-1211
Cold/Hot Cycling 10 cold/hot check cycles. No cracking or other deleterious effects. (+82 deg. C and -40 deg. C) US TESTING LAB procedure
Abrasion Resistance Withstood 450 liters of falling sand abrasion. No wear through. ASTM-D-968
Adhesion Tape cross-hatch method. 100% of coating remained in place. ASTM-D-3359
Fire Resistance Coating did not support combustion. Passed spread of flame Class A. ASTM-E-108-90-UL/790
Impact Resistance Withstood 160 inch pounds. ASTM-D-2794
Ponding After two weeks no water had penetrated the coating systems. US TESTING LAB procedure
Moisture Vapor Permeability Average moisture vapor transmission .08 without cracking. ASTM-D-1653
Fungal Resistance Coatings are resistant to fungal contamination. Rating of 10 on a scale of 0 to 10 (resistant). ASTM-D-3273-73T
Flexibility Passed the Conical Mandrel test. ASTM-D-522
Tensile Strength after weathering 75% retention of 50 hr. value for each temperature. ASTM-D-2370
Accelerated Weathering (2000 hours) No deleterious effects. G-26
Salt Spray (200 hr.) No deleterious effect. ASTM-D-1654
Fire Resistance Class A, B or C E-108/UL-790
Water Vapor Transmission 20 (inverted cup) E-96
Fungicide 28 days scale 0 (No growth support) D-3273/3274 G-21
Algicide 14 days scale 0 (No growth support) G-29
Thermal Physical Properties (0.90) emissivity and (0.85) reflectivity C 1371

Tested by TRW: "Your (membrane) absorbs up to 50% less solar energy than normal (coatings)".

Tested by Christian Testing Labs: "ICC's ASTEC ceramic coating significantly outperformed R-20,four inches of foam insulation in heat gain tests."
Tested by U.S. Dept. of the Air Force: "Reduced interior building temperature by 17 degrees..." "The coating is unquestionably an effective and cost effective way to insulate buildings and still maintain an attractive appearance."

Additional Testing of Astec® Re-Ply™ #2000 Finish Roofing Membrane and System

ASTM Test Method
Liquid Requirements (Table 1)
Brookfield Viscosity @ 73.4 F , cps
12.000 - 85.000
D 2196
Viscosity @ 73.4°F , KU
85 - 141
D 562
Volume Solids, %
D 2697
Weight Solids, %
D 1644
Film Properties (Table 2)
Initial Tensile Strength @ 73°F , psi
200 minimum
D 2370
Initial Elongation @ 73°F, %
100 minimum
D 2370
Permeance (20 mil dry film, 73.4°F/50% RH, inverted), perms
50 maximum
D 1653
Water Swelling, Mass %
20 maximum
D 471
Wet Adhesion to galvanized metal using ICC Primer B16, pli
2.0 minimum
C 794 / D 903
Wet Adhesion to M HC Concrete Substrate, pli
2.0 minimum
C 794 / D 903
Tear Resistance (Die C), lbf/in
D 624
Fungi Resistance, rating
0 maximum
G 21
Film Properties after 1000 Hrs Accelerated Weathering
D 4798
Elongation @ 73°F, %
100 minimum
D 2370
Low Temperature Flex, 1/2" mandrel, -15°F
D 522
Appearance after 1000 hrs accelerated weathering
No Cracking or Checking
D 4798
Initial Radiative Properties of #2000 Finish Surface
Solar Reflectance
CRRC .70
C 1549
Thermal Emittance
CRRC .71
C 1371

Note: Wet adhesion testing was completed using Insulating Coatings Primer B 16 applied to the galvanized metal, allowed to dry, and then the ASTEC #2000 Finish coat applied to the primed galvanized metal. This is the only test that included the use of a primer with the (ASTEC Re-Ply #2000 Finish) coating.

- Tested by PRI Asphalt Technologies, Inc.