ASTEC® Re-Ply™ Roofing System for Metal Roofs

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  1. Prepare Surface Tighten or replace loose fasteners. Remove scaling rust and pressure wash to achieve a clean, sound roof surface.
  2. Encapsulate Corrosion as Needed Apply ASTEC B-16-71 Rust Control specially formulated to neutralize and halt further metal roof corrosion.
  3. Seal Fasteners Tighten or replace any loose fasteners. Encapsulate every fastener with ASTEC WPM #9 fluid membrane to insure a watertight seal.
  4. Seal Seams & Flashings Reinforce all seams, flashings, and penetrations with high tensile strength fabric saturated with ASTEC WPM #9 fluid membrane, or use WPM #10 fiber-reinforced fluid membrane.
  5. Apply First Layer Apply the first layer of either ASTEC #900 Ceramic Finish, or ASTEC #2000 Finish for a tough, weatherproof membrane.
  6. Apply Final Layer Apply the second application of either ASTEC #900 or ASTEC #2000 Re-Ply finish to the roof. This results in a seamless, highly reflective "cool roof" that remains durable, weathertight, and pliable. Impervious to many airborne corrosives, ASTEC roofs have proven performance over 100's of millions of square feet.

This is a typical system for metal roofs. Products and procedures may vary by roof type and condition. Only ASTEC detailed specifications will be approved on any ASTEC roofing project.