ASTEC® Cool Wall Coatings Advantages

Metal or masonry. New construction or renewed. Painted or bare.
ASTEC elastomeric wall coatings will outperform, outshine and outlast!

ASTEC Ceramic Technology

Proprietary ceramic formulations enhance key properties of elastomeric coatings for strength, UV deterioration, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and longevity.

A Solar Shield

Ultraviolet reflectance and infrared emmisivity, well beyond DOE guidelines, make ASTEC Cool Wall Coatings a top choice wherever exterior solar degradation or interior heat gain are perpetual problems.

Seamless Wind and Weather Protection

Properly prepared walls can be better sustained with the seamless wind and weather protection of ASTEC coatings.

Ceramic Abrasion Resistance

Wind blown sand and grit are shut out by seamless ASTEC walls. Tough ceramic impregnation fights surface erosion.

A Corrosion Barrier

ASTEC elastomeric coatings are highly resistant to ocean salt spray, acid rain, and other airborne contaminants.

Built-in Breathability

ASTEC® Wall Coating membranes keep heat and weather out; while allowing interior moisture and humidity to escape.

All-climate Stability

Once cured, an ASTEC surface retains its flexible, watertight superiority in extremes of heat or cold; dry or wet conditions.

Reduces Thermal Shock Damage

ASTEC elastomeric coatings stretch to minimize the effects of varying coefficients of expansion within walls that cause damaging shifts, cracking, and loosening conditions.

Green Building Benefits

ASTEC® Cool Wall Coatings are earth-friendly from manufacturing and restorative application through decades of sustainable, easy-care, low-maintenance and energy efficient service.

ISO Registered Manufacturing in the USA

We are committed to, and recognized for, the consistency of quality and performance from more than twenty-five years of industry-leading products and services.

The ASTEC® 10-Year Product Warranty

Superior coatings, applied by independent ASTEC Authorized Contractors, give us the confidence to offer 10-Year product warranties for your walls.