ASTEC® Cool Wall Coatings for Exterior Walls

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Ask for an ASTEC Coating System:

Wherever paint has failed to do the job...
If it’s got to be energy efficient...
Anywhere heat gain is a problem...
Whenever sustainability counts...
If lifetime cost is a consideration...

• Reflects away heat and harmful U/V radiation.
• Saves temperature control and cooling costs.
• Can be bonded with pre-painted surfaces.
• Creates an easy-care, linen-like satin sheen.
• Cures to a seamless, weathertight barrier.
• Stays pliable and weathertight in all climates.
• Does not shrink, crack, or gap at wall openings.
• Withstands sea mist and airborne corrosives.
• Resists fungi and algae growth.
• Greatly reduces risk of thermal shock damage.
• Restores and extends the life of original walls.
• Water-based and enviromentally-friendly systems.
• Cures to a highly fire-resistant surface.
• Written 10-Year Products Warranty.

These are the ASTEC coatings typically applied systematically on prepared walls. Wall type, condition, and evirons will determine the products and procedure specifications. ASTEC detailed specifications must be approved for each ASTEC wall coating project.